Track Competitors’ Marketing Moves.

Monitor your competitors’ digital landscape to stay up-to-date on any marketing moves they may be making, as they make them.

Know competitors marketing moves quickly.

Be alerted when your competitors make a post on social media, update their website or even get a negative review online.

Benchmark your marketing performance.

See at a glance your marketing performance against your competitors in one simple dashboard.

Target competitors untapped keywords.

Jessle can find keywords your competitors are not targeting yet, or show you the difficulty in beating a competitor for a particular term.

Getting started

How does it work?

Signup for an account

Signup for a 2-week free trial to see how Jessle can help your organization. No payment is required and you can cancel at any time.

Add your competitors

Simply provide us your competitors website URL and we can track down everything about your competitor for you, in one simple timeline.

Get alerted to updates

Jessle will alert you as your competitor posts on social media, targets particular keywords, updates their websites and much more.

Marketing channels

Monitor marketing channels of competitors in one place.

Tired of searching your competitors on Social Media? Are your competitors website too large to regularly review? Do you have no visibility over the keywords your competitors are targeting?

Jessle monitors the marketing channels of your competitors to keep you informed of the moves they are making. This is presented in a timeline that can be digested within minutes each week, alerted to you via email and aggregated into a dashboard to allow comparisons between your marketing efforts and theirs.

  • Blog posts

  • Customer reviews

  • Keywords & Ads

  • Newsletter releases

  • SEO changes

  • Social media updates

  • Website changes

  • and much more…


View KPIs about you and your competitors to quickly compare marketing performance.

Change Alerts

Get alerted via email or other mediums when your competitors make any changes.

Competitor Detection

Keep informed with new competitors stepping into your market to learn their strategy early.

Newsletter Tracking

Receive the newsletters your competitors are sending out to their customers.

Money Back Guarantee

If you feel you get no benefit out of Jessle, you can have a refund.

Free Support Provided

The team are on hand to assist with any issues you may have.

Customer Thoughts

What do our customers say?

Jessle helps me know when my competitor is performing a new recruitment drive, marketing initiative or has performed a case study on customers in my area. Without this tool, it would be difficult for me to know this. This is an incredible tool at a great price.


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