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Monitor your competitors marketing channels in one place.

Jessle continuously checks your competitors digital activity and brings them into one place to be digested in minutes each week.

You are able to quickly digest this information in timeline view, by email, or via Dashboard’s that allow you to compare yourself to your competitors.

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Social updates

Don’t bother logging onto the various social media platforms and navigating through your competitors social updates. Jessle will monitor Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to keep you updated with any posts being made and give you insights to the amount of engagement received.

Screenshot of Social updates

Website changes

No need for you to regularly trawl through your competitors website hoping you can spot something different. Jessle will update you each time your competitor makes an update, regardless of how small that update is.

Jessle will provide a screenshot of the page before and after the update, including a code diff and text breakdown of the changes.

This data allows you to see the changes your competitors are making, as they make them. This also provides you with a historic log of all your competitors changes over time.

Screenshot of website changes

SEO changes

It’s extremely difficult to spot and understand every SEO move your competitors are making. How are you meant to know when they change words in titles to optimize for a particular market? You can’t. Wrong… You can do this with Jessle.

Jessle will notify you when key SEO element changes occur on your competitors websites, ranging from title changes and meta description changes through to alternative text optimization.

Screenshot of SEO updates

Keyword updates

If your competitors are beating you on keywords, they are more than likely taking traffic away from your website. We can help you monitor the keywords of your competitors and notify you when rankings change and for the term this has changed for.

Getting a better understanding of your competitors keyword strategy is key to understanding their marketing focus.

Screenshot of keyword updates

New competitor detection

It is crucial to learn about new competitors the moment they come to market. Learning this to late may cause you to lose customers or struggle to regain that traction.

Using Jessle you can be alerted via email the moment an organization similar to yours comes on the market.

Screenshot of competitor detection

Google AdWords updates

Quickly learn about your competitors PPC campaigns to understand what they are targeting. Google AdWords spending is a key indicator into the focus of your competition.

Using Jessle we can inform you of any Google AdWords changes detected and also compare them against your own efforts.

Screenshot of AdSpend update

Facebook Advertisement notifications

If your competitors’ run Facebook, Instagram or Messenger advertisements, you definitely should know about this.

Jessle can show how often your competitors’ are running Facebook Ads, and what they are most likely trying to target. This can help in understanding the current focus of your competition.

More importantly, you can start to see if the paid advertisements are working or not for your competitor. This can help you determine if paid advertisements are the right choice for your company.

Why waste money on something your competitors already failed at? Alternatively, if your competitors are continuing to run paid advertisements, why not try it yourself, they may be getting great success from this.

As soon as your competitors’ make an advertisement, Jessle alerts you in your timeline so you can see the contents of this advert and view at a higher level in the dashboard how many adverts they are doing compared to your business.

Screenshot of Facebook Advertisement detection

Newsletter and account updates

Regularly subscribing to your competitors’ newsletters with your email? No longer is this required. Jessle can watch your competitors’ newsletters for you and notify you of any updates.

Your competitors’ newsletters can give an insight into what they are focusing on right now.

Screenshot of Newsletter update


Comparing your own marketing moves to your competitors can show what you are doing better on and where you may need to focus more attention.

Jessle provides KPI dashboards that allow for this comparison for everything from Social post count through to review intent.

Screenshot of Jessle app

Keyword suggestions

Identifying keywords that you are not targeting is an important utility that Jessle provides. Analysing the content on yours and your competitors websites allow us to learn more about your users intents, allowing us to provide tailored recommendations for search terms to target.

Screenshot of Jessle app

Email alerts

Get notified via email as soon as your competitor makes any changes. These alerts can be configured to a way that suits your business.

Screenshot of Email alerts


Integrate with tools you commonly use in your workflow such as Slack to keep your team informed of changes your competitors are making.

Screenshot of Slack integration

All this and much more.

Jessle is regularly updated with new features to ensure you are finding out the most about your competition.