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SEO Tag Change Detection

SEO Tag Change Detection

Jessle recently released an update that improved the detection and notification of changes to your competitor’s visual web pages. This has been well received… yet we believe we should be doing more!

Visual changes are one part of the jigsaw, it can be very telling what your competitor’s marketing efforts are based on the SERP (Search engine results page) text they are using. Simply put, the text that is most likely used in Google.

Example of a SERP result.

An update was released this morning that will now inform you of any changes your competitors make to the page title, description, keywords, and Open Graph images for a web page. This should help in your quest to fully understanding a competitor’s marketing strategy.

Screenshot of SEO updates
Example of an alert for SEO changes


As usual, we love to hear feedback from our community. Please keep us informed of how you get on with our improved SEO change detection. If you have any great ideas to improve them. We would love to hear it!

Lee Jones

Founder of Jessle. Having been programming since 11 years old, I love finding ways to put a programming solution to fix a problem. This could be from helping make my cup of coffee in the morning quicker, or helping me know everything my competitors are doing so I never get left behind! I sometimes try to write blog posts too, but this is not particularly my strongest skillset!

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