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Improved web page change detection

Improved web page change detection

After hearing feedback from our customers, we have released a new feature that will reduce the amount of page change events you will receive.

In the original version of Jessle, when a competitor’s web page was modified this would register a change event on your timeline. This would happen for every page that changes. Shortly after launch, we updated our algorithm to better understand what updated to make logical calls on if you need to be alerted or not. This was well received by users.

We have now gone one step further and take into account the entire website instead of a single page to determine what you need to be informed about.

Let’s explain what that means…

If your competitor has ten web pages that have latest news stories, and they publish a new story. Previously, in Jessle, this would cause you to receive ten-page change events on the timeline. In reality, only one change has actually occurred. Our system now is much more intelligent at realizing this and instead of informing you ten times, we now only post this change once!

TL;DR – We should hopefully bug you less about duplicate changes, allowing you to get a quicker understanding of exactly what’s going on with your competitor’s website.

If you have any further feedback on improvements, we love to hear them.

– Jessle web team

Lee Jones

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